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Sewa Ruang Kantor di Gedung Sahid Sudirman Center – Brand New Office Tower

Sewa Kantor Gedung Sahid Sudirman CenterSewa Kantor Gedung Sahid Sudirman CenterSewa Kantor Gedung Sahid Sudirman Center

  • Office Name: Sahid Sudirman Center
  • Location: Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 86, Jakarta Pusat
  • Floor/View: Sudirman / Typical Floor / High Zone
  • Size: 2,900 m2
  • Condition: Unfurnished
  • Facility: Grade A Building
  • Additional Info: Brand new office tower, 3 minutes walk to citywalk mall. Its location is within close range of major business destinations around Thamrin and Kuningan. Electricity for lighting, air conditioning and power outlets within the premises will be separately metered and charged based on consumption. we have more than 40 of commercial office and residential in prestige Grade A building around prime area of Jakarta Central Business District.
  • Selling Price:Rp 60 juta/m2
  • Rent Charge: Rp 230.000 – Rp 250.000
  • Contact Number: Sari, HP : 0812 82 076 073
  • E-mail:
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