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Disewakan Kantor di KMO Building, Area Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Disewakan Kantor di area Kebayoran Baru - KMO BuildingDisewakan Kantor di area Kebayoran Baru - KMO BuildingDisewakan Kantor di area Kebayoran Baru - KMO BuildingDisewakan Kantor di area Kebayoran Baru - KMO Building

  • Office Building Name: KMO Building
  • Location: Jl Kyai Maja No. 1, Kebayoran baru, RT.3/RW.8, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12120
  • Floor/View: from Lt. 1 up to lt.9
  • Size: 484 sqm, 492 sqm dan 719 sqm
  • Condition: Bare
  • Facility:
    • CCTV dan 24 hours security.
    • Fire protection equipment including sprinklers, automatic fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hydrant systems, heat and smoke detectors throughout the entire building, the internet is equipped with fiber optic lines.
    • The air conditioning, lightings & power outlets have separate digital electricity meters enabling tenants to have the freedom to work overtime without surcharges and other restrictions.
  • Additional Info:
    • KMO Building is located adjacent to Jakarta’s prime business district.
    • KMO building is conveniently accessible from all parts of the city either by cars or public transportation at any time of the day.
    • Walking distance to Transjakarta station and MRT station ( future ) and also five-star hotels, elite residential areas, luxurious apartment buildings, and shopping malls are all in the vicinity of the building and are just minutes away.
  • Rent Charge:
    • Price : IDR. 210,000 per sqm per month for 3rd to 9th floor & IDR. 230,000 per sqm per month for 2nd floor and IDR. 285,000 per sqm per month for 1st floor
    • Service Charge : IDR 50,000 /m2 /month.
      • AC : Separate meter
      • Lighting & Power Outlets : Separate meter
    • Size : from 492 to 719 sqm.
    • Term of payment : Quarterly in Advance (base rent +  service charge)
    • Security deposit : 3 Month Gross Rental
    • Minimum rent : 3 years.
    • Parking charge : IDR. 7.500.000 / car / year for Reserved Parking, IDR. 4.000.000 / car / year for Unreserved Parking and IDR. 150.000 / motorbike / month
  • Contact:
    • Selly : 081 776 478 330 (WA & call)
    • Rima : 081 283 008 967 (WA & call)

    also visit our website at

  • E-mail:

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