Jual Kantor - Jakarta Office Space for Sale

Jual Ruang Kantor

Disewakan Kantor Bagus Bursa Efek Indonesia (Indonesia Stock Exchange Building) Semi Furnished – Furnished

Cubical for EmployeeCorner AreaDirector's AreaCabinet and CubicalSmaller Size FittedEmployee Area

  • Office Building Name: Bursa Efek Indonesia (Indonesia Stock Exchange Building)
  • Location: Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Jakarta Selatan
  • Floor/View: view to City
  • Size: 139, 230, 550, 600, 1000 m2
  • Condition: Furnished Office
  • Facility:
    • Super prestigious business address.
    • Free internet access, telephone line,
    • Building access, air conditioner, 24-hour security, 24-hour access door
  • Additional Info: –
  • Selling Price: Please CALL us
  • Rental Price: PROMO RATE: 230,000 IDR/sqm/month (bare conditions to furnished conditions, excluding service charge and VAT of 10%)
  • Contact: +6281295793810 (Please CALL or WA)
  • WhatsApp: 6281295793810
  • E-mail: property.scbd@gmail.com
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Kost Jakarta

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Tempat Usaha

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