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Jual Ruang Kantor

Disewakan Kantor Tamansari Parama Boutique Office di Wahid Hasyim (Thamrin) Jakarta Pusat

  • Office Building Name: Tamansari Parama Boutique Office
  • Location: JL KH Wahid Hasyim 84-88, (400m dari Sarinah Thamrin) Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
  • Floor/View: 8th / view jl Wahid Hasyim dan Hotel Aloft
  • Size: 165 m2
  • Condition: Full furnished (relatively new) and Ready to Use.  Suitable for consulting firm with 20-30 people.
  • Facility: Nice and well designed fittings (equipped with all F&F set and chairs):
    • Nicely fitted receptions
    • 2 meeting rooms with set (big & small)
    • 3 rooms fitted for directors
    • 2 open rooms fitted for managers
    • 14 work station with chairs
    • Telephone sets and pabx system
    • Lounge and pantry fitted with chairs
    • 1 fridge, 1 dispenser and cutlery, etc.
  • Additional Info: –
  • Rental Price: IDR 60 million per month minimum 1 year rental.
  • Contact: 08119156003
  • WhatsApp: 08119156003
  • E-mail: hsjo41@gmail.com
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